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PhD Students

The Home Stretch (Write-up and Submission)

You’re close to the finish line, congratulations! The library can help with some of the tasks you face in these final stages.

Give your search strategy a final refresh

As you write up you will be revisiting your literature review to ensure you have included the most up-to-date and relevant material for your topic. If you’d like a reminder on how to search the various databases that are available, or you’d like to discuss alternative terms that you could use for that final search, make an appointment to come and see us by emailing

Advanced uses of reference management software

As you’re working on the final version of your thesis, you may find that you have some last-minute questions about the advanced functions of your reference management software. Make an appointment with a Reference Librarian to help you out with these.

Don’t forget to deposit your thesis in OURarchive!

Once you have completed the examination process, you are required to deposit the final version of your thesis in the Otago University Research Archive. Go to Deposit Your Thesis to start the process. If you have any problems, contact

Beyond study: making the most of freely available resources

So you’ve handed in your thesis and you’re preparing for life beyond study. This may mean you find yourself in an environment where your access to information resources is more limited than it was during your studies. You may need to rely on freely available resources to find published literature. Where can you go?